Cheryl Fugett soaks the system -- by allegedly using charity money on her hot tub

Each week, we introduce you to the week's biggest shmuck. Whose turn is it to shine? Read on.

Cheryl Fugett didn't show up in court on Thursday.

No, the sixty-year-old former director of the Jefferson County Children's Alliance missed the ending of her case, in which a jury convicted her, in absentia, of theft and forgery.

Where was she?

We're guessing she was soaking in a hot tub somewhere.

After all, that is her specialty.

Fugett apparently stole about $20,000 over a four-year period from the nonprofit she ran -- an organization, now closed, that was supposed to be dedicated to helping victims of child abuse.

She used the money, according to court testimony, to pay off credit cards, for her daughter's tuition at CSU, for dental work and for home and roof repairs, including $1,000 for fixes to her pool and hot tub.

Abused kids, after all, dream of nothing else but helping people like Fugett relax after a long day of stealing money that is supposed to help them.

A warrant for Fugett, who represented herself in court, was issued after the conviction.

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