Chris Romer, Doug Linkhart among 7 mayoral hopefuls deemed "sufficient:" How many more?

Thus far, the campaign to become Denver's next mayor is less a race than a scrum. The city's website lists seven candidates whose petitions have been deemed "sufficient," meaning that they featured at least 300 valid signatures: Carol Boigon, Michael Hancock, Doug Linkhart, Danny Lopez, James Mejia, Chris Romer and Theresa Spahn. But the ballot could feature as many as nine more names.

According to the site linked above, petitions submitted by Paul Noël Fiorino, Gerald Styron and Thomas Andrew Wolf were judged "insufficient." They had until 5 p.m. yesterday to cure the shortfall. In addition, the Denver Post reports that six other candidates submitted petitions by the deadline: Marcus Giavanni, Mark Gruber, Vincent Macieyovski, Jeff Peckman, Ken Simpson and Eric Zinn. By 6 p.m. tonight, we should know how many of them have been deemed worthy.

Regarding our efforts to write about all the announced candidates, we came up two short. We were never able to reach Spesál M. Avery Flanagan, and neither was any other local news outlet I saw -- not that it matters at this point, since he never even picked up nominating petition blanks for circulation, let alone submitted them. As for Marcus Giavanni, I spoke to someone in his campaign yesterday and was told he'd phone me in the afternoon, but he did not. If he makes the ballot, we hope to add him to our list of profile subjects.

In the meantime, be sure and visit Giavanni's campaign website, which consists entirely of letters from assorted elected officials dating back to the late 1990s. The majority offer thanks to Giavanni for sending a copy of his book, Nelson vs. the United States of America: A System in Denial. But there's also this cryptic bit of correspondence from Senator John McCain:

While we wait to see who makes the final cut, catch up on the other hopefuls via the links below. One of the interview subjects -- Michael Forrester -- dropped out of contention in January, and Dwight Henson never turned in his petition. But all the rest are still conceivable competitors -- for at least a few hours longer.

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