City Pub bar fight ends with one man dead: Murder, manslaughter or mystery?

Early this morning, a man died following a fight at City Pub, 3575 South Yosemite -- but Denver Police aren't sure at this writing how it happened or what charges may (or may not) be filed as a result.

Here's DPD spokesman Sonny Jackson's description: "About 1:40 this morning, we got a call from City Pub that there was a fight going on inside. And we got called again shortly after that, saying that a person was down, and not responsive."

The man in question was subsequently transported to Swedish Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. But Jackson says, "We're not sure if he died in the fight or from some other natural cause -- and we won't know until the coroner gives a report. We need to determine from the autopsy how he died."

According to Jackson, DPD personnel have interviewed a number of witnesses and are seeking others who might have seen what went down. "There were a lot of cars left behind, so there were obviously quite a few people there," he says. Until then, we won't know if this incident will be treated as a crime -- and if so, how serious any charges might be.

Look below to see a graphic showing the scene; if you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

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