Video below.
Video below.

Civil Union Act opponent shares nature's message about the anus: Keep out! (VIDEO)

In yesterday's Colorado Civil Union Act preview, Senator Pat Steadman, SB 172's co-sponsor, expressed confidence about the proposal's Senate odds -- and the measure did indeed pass the judiciary committee. En route, though, an opponent ID'd by Fox31 as Rosina Kovar offered testimony so crazed that The Daily Show should build a segment around it, stat -- and not just because she supported her argument with a Josef Stalin quote.

Among the highlights:

"The anus is an exit, it is not an entrance."

"'This is not the Bible,' he said. 'This is science.'"

And the coup de grâce: "Unlike the vagina, nature put a tight sphincter at the entrance of the anus. It's there for a reason. Keep out!"

Enjoy the entire lesson below:

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