Schmuck of the Week

Club 20's great Tom Tancredo debate debate makes it our Shmuck of the Week

If ever there were a year to welcome third-party candidates in the statewide political dialogue, this is it. After all, the two main parties aren't exactly giving voters a lot of choices, and Tom Tancredo's American Constitution Party candidacy has made people think.

But the organizations that put on gubernatorial debates -- like Grand Junction's Club 20 -- won't let it happen.

Club 20 has shut Tancredo out of this weekends' debate in Grand Junction, not to mention Libertarian candidate Jaimes Brown and others.

Most organizations avoid inviting third-party candidates to debates because they don't represent very many registered voters, and because their platforms are often polarizing, focused on a single issue, racist, weird or just plain crazy.

And most years, that's no big loss.

But this year is different. Tancredo has put a focus on third-party candidates. So let's hear from the rest instead of shutting them out in favor of the heavily favored but goofy Democrat and the impossibly plagued and slightly paranoid Republican.

Don't be a Shmuck, Club 20. Let's hear em all.

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