Colorado Rockies fans without underwear, round two!

As evidenced in our "7 best-dressed (and undressed) fans at Colorado Rockies home opener," the fans at Coors Field were far more entertaining than the shutout loss for the home team. And yesterday one local voyeur cameraman contacted us to say he could one-up our list's number-one spot with a pic of his own.

Ever fans of low-brow humor and drunk Denverites, we promised the shutterbug anonymity and within a few minutes he'd e-mailed this Christmas card in-the-making taken after Monday's game -- and right in front of the former Westword office in the Atrium Building on 18th Street, across the street from the Wynkoop Brewing Company.

Was going to the game in an '80s denim mini-skirt/no underwear a sober choice? Is this a growing trend at Coors Field? Or did she simply lose her panties (along with her dignity) somewhere during the the day as she got drunk enough to fertilize the decorative plant with her Rockies Dog and overpriced Coors Light?

Let's hope the Rockies season turns out better than her Tuesday morning did.

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