Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as he appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show.

Colorado takes center stage during Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s MSNBC appearance

Our conversation with BBC journalist Greg Palast, who co-authored "Block the Vote," an article in the October 30 edition of Rolling Stone, with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., has spawned a number of pieces about the Colorado voting system and alleged registrant purges. In addition to the Off Limits column in our October 30 edition, there's also a blog featuring extended excerpts from our Palast interview, plus responses from the two Denver Post reporters behind a voter-fraud article he lambastes and comments from the Secretary of State's office, which he sees as directly responsible for many, if not most, of the voting problems leading up to the November 4 election. Finally, check out the following video clip of Kennedy during his visit last week to MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Show. The segment begins by putting the focus squarely on Colorado and former Secretary of State Donetta Davidson, who Palast refers to as "the purgin' general of the United States" for the number of folks knocked off the voter rolls during her time in office. Doubt if she'll put that designation on her business cards. -- Michael Roberts

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