Colorado's Most Popular Pot Strains: Why Alien Dawg Made the Cut

Colorado’s top three favorite strains, according to commercial marijuana data firm BDS Analytics, are Blue Dream, Durban Poison and Alien Dawg. With help from a couple of growers, I’ve already offered my field guide to the first two. Now it’s Alien Dawg’s turn in the spotlight.

A surprise on this list for some, Alien Dawg enjoyed a quick rise that can most likely be attributed to its all-star parents: Chemdawg and Alien Technology. Most tokers already know about the diesel-heavy hybrid Chemdawg, but Alien Technology is a young strain with a dramatic backstory: A U.S. soldier smuggled home unknown landrace seeds from Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush region and sold them to strain breeder OBSoul33t, which resulted in a potentially new indica-pure strain for select Western growers to play with. Alien Dawg was one of the first hybrids to be spawned.

I’m not nearly as experienced with Alien Dawg as I am with the top two, but I’ve tried more than a few varieties around town over the past two years. Like other Alien strains, the buds have a distinct sugarcoating of trichomes and a heavy, relaxing smell similar to that of Afghani. Although some of the words used to describe this strain might also be applied to old milk (sour, musty, pungent), don’t let that fool you: Alien Dawg can be a tasty treat to smoke when grown right. Here’s what to watch for:

Looks: Nugs are dense and range from stout and circular to tall and football-shaped, with a glowing olive-green color enhanced by a shroud of resin glands.

Smell: Musty wood and salty/spicy notes, followed by a sour after-scent.

Flavor: Earthy, sour and slightly bitter, with a funky aftertaste; recommended for coffee lovers.

Effects: Feelings can include a heavy bliss that’s hard to escape without a nap. The inexperienced can expect a quick knockout, but seasoned tokers love it for winding down or watching a favorite movie. Sufferers of chronic pain and insomnia have been known to turn to Alien Dawg for relief.

Home grower’s take: “I’ve never grown this strain specifically, but I’ve smoked it and grown Alien strains in the past, and they all hit hard. Even the hybrids with higher sativa ratios can knock you out. I always warn friends with low tolerances about these strains, but that’s what makes them so popular. Flowering time isn’t the best, either, so I’d probably buy this at the shop instead of growing it myself.”

Commercial grower’s take: “Not my favorite because of how useless I become after smoking it, but I can see why some people might like that. We just started growing and selling it within the last year. I usually stay away from newer strains that take long to harvest — Alien Dawg’s flowering can last up to seventy days — but this stuff was too popular to keep ignoring. I think this is better suited for medical users than rec, but I’m a daytime smoker.”

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