Colorado's Top Homophobe on Caitlyn Jenner: "The Man Needs an Exorcism"

Posting about every crazy thing said by Colorado State Representative Gordon Klingenschmitt would be a full-time job.

But some pronouncements from Klingenschmitt, who's currently running for the state senate in District 12, are simply impossible to ignore.

Including his claim that transgender icon Caitlyn Jenner "needs an exorcism."

Back in April, Klingenschmitt, whom we've branded Colorado's top homophobe, appeared in a brutal Daily Show segment called "Trans Panic." The bit shredded him for his hateful views about the transgendered; he's clearly Colorado's top trans-phobe as well. But as evidenced by recent comments on his "Pray in Jesus' Name" program, he definitely didn't learn his lesson.

As seen in a video shared by Right Wing Watch (it's on view below), Klingenschmitt reacted to what turned out to be bogus reports that Jenner wanted to transition back to being a man. "It would be a dumb statement for someone to try to say that he wants to stay a woman, because he's not a woman," he opines. "He's never been one. His DNA has never changed. He still has male XY chromosomes. He is not a woman, he is a man. In fact, he still has male parts, I'm told."

"The spirit of insanity" is "inside of this man, Bruce Jenner," he maintained, adding that Jenner's sinful choice "has brought him down a path of destruction.... It is a mental illness. Of course, we think it is a demonic illness. The man needs an exorcism."

To help you decide what Klingenschmitt needs, check out the aforementioned clip.

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