ColoradoSenateNews.com: Where everything is going to hell

The name of the ColoradoSenateNews.com has a wonderfully bland ring to it -- one that implies evenhandedness and bipartisanship. But the truth is on view in small print at the bottom of the home page -- "An online service of the Senate Minority Office," the line reads -- and in every other word of text, which rigorously presents the Republican point of view, and characterizes pretty much everything being done by the Bill Ritter administration as a crazed plunge toward utter devastation. Today's up-front roster includes items such as "Senate GOP Tallies 2009's 'Tremendous Toll' on Taxpaying Public" ("In the middle of the worst recession in a generation, Bill Ritter and the Democrats enacted a billion dollars in new taxes and fees," GOP leader Josh Penry declares); "Ritter OKs Bill Blowing State Budget Cap; Dems Say Tax Limits are Next Target" ("It sounds like they're planning the mother of all tax increases -- amid the mother of all recessions," declares quote-machine Penry); and "Guv's Ink on Pinnacol Bill Sets Stage For Next 'Reckless Raid,' Republicans Charge" ("It's no wonder he signed this thing out of sight and with no advance notice," said Senator Ted Harvey, giving Penry a break).

Such rhetoric will certainly appeal to the previously committed, and maybe that's good enough for the folks behind the site. But given the site's moniker, folks of all political persuasions may stop by for visits -- and if the tone was a little less hysterical, citizens who shade away from deep red might find the arguments more persuasive. But it'd be a lot less fun for those who aren't quite convinced that swarms of locusts will descend on us any minute.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.