Combative pro-Ward Churchill blog shuts down

Benjamin Whitmer.

"Try Again," a January 2007 Message column, dealt with the revelation that the Try-Works, a fiery pro-Ward Churchill blog, wasn't the work of Churchill himself, as some observers argued. Instead, the person responsible was Benjamin Whitmer, an untenured, part-time instructor in the same Ethnic Studies program at the University of Colorado-Boulder that Churchill called home -- until, that is, he was disappeared by CU's administration. Since then, Whitmer kept fighting the power under his own name, rather than his pseudonym, John Moredock -- a reference to a character in the Herman Melville novel The Confidence-Man.

That's over , however. This weekend, Whitmer announced that he'd decided to pull the plug once and for all. Look below for his typically edgy yet amusing explanation. -- Michael Roberts

The End

October 4th, 2008

So, as y’all know, I’ve been tilting at windmills for three years now in a few different incarnations. And I can’t read the Rocky anymore, let alone the four dipshit dittoheads who constitute the anti-Churchill bloc. Martin, Paine, and Snapple may just be able to spend the rest of their weird little lives stalking Ward Churchill, but I’ve gotta admit defeat. I can’t poke back at ‘em anymore, I’m fucking bored senseless.

So, I’m shutting the Try-Works down. It may or may not return as something new after a little time off, but I ain’t sure.

I’ll also probably do some random posting from time to time over here: Stop by if you like, but don’t expect much. It’ll be more like a notebook of articles and bullshit that I stumble across on the internet. Three years of blogging have convinced me of exactly one thing: there’s no more useless activity, nor greater waste of time, than blogging.

And I will, of course, be moderating comments until the Painenites get a life. Or die of Metamucil overdose. Whichever comes first.

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