Come hear the Curious Theater (and me) examine the mysteries behind the DIA conspiracy

If you've lived in Denver for any amount of time, you've probably heard any one of many strange rumors about Denver International Airport: connections to the New World Order and the Freemasons, murals that depict horrific future events in 2012, an underground military base, spirits disturbed from an ancient indian burial ground, haunted sculptures, aliens, shape-shifters and... the Queen of England?

In conjunction with their new play Yankee Tavern, the always-lively Curious Theater Company is hosting discussions with experts on popular conspiracy theories. "Is there a bunker under DIA?" ponders their website. "Does the U.S. Government have a team of Men in Black?"

I don't know about the so-called MIB, but I do know about the theories surrounding DIA, having written a lengthy article on the subject in 2007 and maintaining a top secret blog called the DIA Conspiracy Files. (Top secret because the only people who visit it regularly are me and about twenty other Men in Boxers.) So as the de facto expert on Denver airport weirdness, I've been asked to appear on a one-man panel following the theater performance at 8 p.m. tomorrow, Friday, October 9, at Curious' spooky-cool venue in the Golden Triangle.

A mind-bending narrative into the world of 9/11 conspiracy theories, Yankee Tavern, by local playwright Steven Dietz, got a great review by Westword's theater critic.

So come for the play, stay for the DIA. Discussion will include the symbology in Leo Tanguma's controversial murals, reptilian aliens, underground concentration camps, the Montauk Project, the Philidelphia Experiment, Dulce, Nazis, Tesla and SATAN!

Conspiracy buffs can buy tickets online at a 20 percent discount. Just go to the discount box during check out and type the secret code: TRUTH (in all caps, of course). Because the TRUTH, as we all know, is out there.

UPDATE: I will be on AM 760 with David Sirota tomorrow morning talking about the DIA conspiracy. They didn't even know about the Curious talk, just called me up out of the blue. Seriously! (The CIA must have activated their implants.) To hear it got to 760 on the AM dial between 9:20 and 9:45am MST or listen live on their website.

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Jared Jacang Maher