Corey Haim, RIP: See his Fast Getaway to Colorado here

We can't talk about the Coreys in plural anymore: While Corey Feldman is still walking among us, '80s heartthrob Corey Haim has died at age 38; initial autopsy reports are inconclusive.

Haim's Colorado connection? Fast Getaway, his1991 flick, was shot here and in Utah. The movie may have gone straight to DVD, but as former Westword staffer T.R. Witcher documented in "What Hit Us?," a 1997 Colorado movie roundup, it contained one of the most unusual stunts ever staged in the state: Two stuntmen jumped off the 900-foot Royal Gorge Bridge.

Want to see it right now? Turns out you can -- because last year, someone posted the entire flick on YouTube; we've embedded it below, with the exception of the opening credits, which can be accessed here. This is how one commenter reacted to seeing it again earlier today: "I'm looking up all the Corey Haim movies we all grew up watching. Just got done with Dream a Little Dream, and now watching this. Just can't believe he's gone. We will always love you Corey. RIP!"

Check out Haim's Getaway below:

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