Courtney Bowles, teacher who got naked with student, cops a plea: No jail time possible?

Courtney Bowles, a former teacher at Mountain View High School, got national exposure for exposing herself, in a manner of speaking. She was caught having sex with a student in a car, setting off a web frenzy spurred by her comely photos and hot-for-teacher fantasies of the sort Van Halen once celebrated. Now, she's cut a deal that might include jail time -- but then again, it might not.

The reported plea involves one count of child abuse resulting in serious bodily injury. It's a felony, but by copping to this charge, Bowles was able to avoid three others: sex assault on a child by someone in a position of trust, sex assault on someone more than ten years younger (Bowles is 31), and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

A Larimer County judge could sentence Bowles to a jolt behind bars when everything is formalized on May 9 -- but he could also limit punishment to making her register as a sex offender and undergo a decade of supervised sex-offender probation.

Her crime? According to an affidavit quoted by sources such as 7News and the Fort Collins Coloradoan, police found Bowles in a car on top of a male student who initially claimed to have been twenty-years old -- which might have been believable were it not for a pesky school ID card. The pair were both naked, with Bowles on top. They also had a bottle of vodka -- although Bowles insisted that her student only had a little bit.

Of the booze, that is.

Soon, the tale was being told far and wide, by the likes of CBS News, the New York Daily News and websites such as BadBadTeacher.com, which managed to track down a more formal portrait of Bowles seen here.

The first comment on the BadBadTeacher.com post reads: "Hell, I'd hit it. Too bad they don't show a body shot of her because she is SMOKIN' HOT!"

Double standard? Yep, as proven by several arrests of male teachers for inappropriate behavior with their students last year.

There was Travis Masse, a former Broomfield High teacher and wrestling coach. According to his arrest affidavit, he had an ongoing sexual relationship with a student beginning when she was seventeen. But Masse was also said to have sexted other students photos of his naked body.

Next up: Alex Tinsley, a Longmont High School teacher and karate club sensei. He reportedly had sex with one of his students several times in his pickup truck. Among the evidence against him, we've been told, were dozens of text messages, including one in which Tinsley allegedly asked the girl if she wanted to become a member of the Mile High Club. No wonder a karate-club flight to Japan Tinsley was supposed to chaperone wound up being canceled.

Finally, there's Gary Wegner, ex-teacher at Dunstan Middle School. No explicit tales of sex in his arrest affidavit -- just reports about him getting handsy and overly familiar in a creepy way with students in his shop class.

This trio got nothing but public castigation for their alleged misdeeds, whereas Bowles found herself with plenty of defenders. Of course, many of them were horny dudes, while she was more concerned with being able to see her children despite an order to stay away from young people. But that's to be expected. David Lee Roth would understand.

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