Craigslist search for Lieutenant Governor could be made (slightly) easier by Kathleen Curry bill

Yesterday, we told you about gubernatorial hopeful Jason R. Clark's quixotic search for a running mate via a Craigslist ad. He's exploring this option because, as an independent, he must find a Lieutenant Governor candidate registered as unaffiliated prior to June 15, 2009 -- and that's proven to be more difficult than expected.

A legislative effort by Kathleen Curry may offer at least a modicum of help. In his interview for the item linked above, Clark noted that Curry, a Gunnison rep, is fighting to overturn the rule, which would have excluded her name from the November ballot even though she's the incumbent because she switched from Democrat to independent last December.

Now, with a Curry-sponsored bill moving the registration date to January 1, 2010, reportedly on the cusp of state house passage, Clark may soon have a somewhat larger pool from which to draw. So respond to his ad right away. That $68,500 Lieutenant Governor's salary could be yours.

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