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Crime Stats for All 78 Neighborhoods in Denver: The Good, Bad and Ugly

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Back in May, we posted about the ten Denver neighborhoods with the highest crime to that point in 2015, as measured by crime density statistics complied by the Denver Police Department.

This post is both an update and a much broader look at the topic.

As before, we've drawn upon DPD stats — but this time, they cover the dates from January 1, 2015 until this week.

Moreover, all 78 Denver neighborhoods are represented and ranked from least to most crimes of every kind — minor and major alike — per square mile.

Where did your neighborhood place? Find out in our photo-illustrated list below.

1. DIA
Offense Count: 385
Crime Density: 9.16 per square mile

2. Wellshire
Offense Count: 68
Crime Density: 73.20 per square mile

3. Fort Logan
Offense Count: 222
Crime Density: 83.65 per square mile

4. Indian Creek
Offense Count: 42
Crime Density: 86.24 per square mile

5. Gateway-Green Valley Ranch
Offense Count: 782
Crime Density: 106.22 per square mile

6. Lowry Field
Offense Count: 280
Crime Density: 108.57 per square mile

7. Hilltop
Offense Count: 194
Crime Density: 112.59 per square mile

8. Marston
Offense Count: 382
Crime Density: 120.50 per square mile

9. Country Club
Offense Count: 87
Crime Density: 134.05 per square mile

10. Stapleton
Offense Count: 1376
Crime Density: 153.18 per square mile

11. Belcaro
Offense Count: 179
Crime Density: 153.65 per square mile

12. Hampden South
Offense Count: 481
Crime Density: 165.18 per square mile

13. Washington Park
Offense Count: 251
Crime Density: 166.12 per square mile

14. Southmoor Park
Offense Count: 159
Crime Density: 170.60 per square mile

15. Windsor
Offense Count: 316
Crime Density: 184.90 per square mile

16. Northeast Park Hill
Offense Count: 627
Crime Density: 188.23 per square mile

17. Virginia Village
Offense Count: 407
Crime Density: 209.47 per square mile

18. Elyria Swansea
Offense Count: 554
Crime Density: 213.49 per square mile

19. University
Offense Count; 269
Crime Density: 215.89 per square mile

20. University Hills
Offense Count: 314
Crime Density: 216.40 per square mile

21. North Park Hill
Offense Count: 324
Crime Density: 216.87 per square mile

22. Bear Valley
Offense Count: 299
Crime Density: 221.15 per square mil

23. Globeville
Offense Count: 469
Crime Density: 227.67 per square mile

24. Hampden
Offense Count: 657
Crime Density: 232.65 per square mile

25. South Park Hill
Offense Count: 347
Crime Density: 232.73 per square mile

26. Berkeley
Offense Count: 351
Crime Density: 234.31 per square mile

27. University Park
Offense Count: 280
Crime Density: 240.76 per square mile

28. City Park
Offense Count: 189
Crime Density: 246.09 per square mile

29. Rosedale
Offense Count: 142
Crime Density: 251.77 per square mile

30. Montbello
Offense Count: 1281
Crime Density: 253.06 per square mile

31. Kennedy
Offense Count: 178
Crime Density: 253.56 per square mile

32. Overland
Offense Count: 293
Crime Density: 260.91 per square mile

33. Skyland
Offense Count: 200
Crime Density: 262.12 per square mile

34. Sloan Lake
Offense Count: 368
Crime Density: 263.05 per square mile

35. Regis
Offense Count: 277
Crime Density: 272.10 per square mile

36. Hale
Offense Count: 265
Crime Density: 272.35 per square mile

37. Harvey Park
Offense Count: 464
Crime Density: 275.21 per square mile

38. Washington Virginia Vale
Offense Count: 506
Crime Density: 276.65 per square mile

39. Montclair
Offense Count: 292
Crime Density: 288.54 per square mile

40. Cory-Merrill
Offense Count: 252
Crime Density: 300.36 per square mile

41. Washington Park West
Offense Count: 264
Crime Density: 302.40 per square mile

42. West Highland
Offense Count: 342
Crime Density: 304.54 per square mile

43. Harvey Park South
Offense Count: 423
Crime Density: 309.44 per square mile

44. Platt Park
Offense Count: 254
Crime Density: 310.51 per square mile

45. Chaffee Park
Offense Count: 247
Crime Density: 314.25 per square mile

46. Goldsmith
Offense Count: 248
Crime Density: 320.83 per square mile

47. Congress Park
Offense Count: 334
Crime Density: 324.59 per square mile

48. Valverde
Offense Count: 335
Crime Density: 348.96 per square mile

49. Ruby Hill
Offense Count: 532
Crime Density: 366.39 per square mile

50. Mar Lee
Offense Count: 568
Crime Density: 376.91 per square mile

51. Barnum West
Offense Count: 273
Crime Density: 377.07 per square mile

. 52. Sunnyside
Offense Count: 553
Crime Density: 388.34 per square mile

53. College View-South Platte
Offense Count: 636
Crime Density: 435.92 per square mile

54. Athmar Park
Offense Count: 699
Crime Density: 452.13 per square mile

55. Clayton
Offense Count: 355
Crime Density: 460.44 per square mile

56. Sun Valley
Offense Count: 331
Crime Density: 515.58 per square mile

57. Whittier
Offense Count: 291
Crime Density: 516.87 per square mile

58. Jefferson Park
Offense Count: 255
Crime Density: 518.29 per square mile

59. Highland
Offense Count: 622
Crime Density: 539.46 per square mile

60. Baker
Offense Count: 812
Crime Density: 544.24 per square mile

61. Cherry Creek
Offense Count: 466
Crime Density: 556.75 per square mile

62. Auraria
Offense Count: 382
Crime Density: 592.25 per square mile

63. Villa Park
Offense Count: 594
Crime Density: 600.61 per square mile

64. Speer
Offense Count: 560
Crime Density: 655.74 per square mile

65. Barnum
Offense Count: 549
Crime Density: 712.06 per square mile

66. Westwood
Offense Count: 1197
Crime Density: 799.60 per square mile

67. Lincoln Park
Offense Count: 1064
Crime Density: 833.86 per square mile

68. City Park West
Offense Count: 487
Crime Density: 910.28 per square mile

69. West Colfax
Offense Count: 961
Crime Density: 957.17 per square mile

70. Cole
Offense Count: 507
Crime Density: 990.23 per square mil

71. East Colfax
Offense Count: 1126
Crime Density: 1053.32 per square mile

72. Cheesman Park
Offense Count: 643
Crime Density: 1220.11 per square mile

73. Five Points
Offense Count: 2444
Crime Density: 1390.22 per square mile

74. Capitol Hill
Offense Count: 1416
Crime Density: 2094.68 per square mile

75. Union Station
Offense Count: 986
Crime Density: 2246.01 per square mile

76. North Capitol Hill
Offense Count: 850
Crime Density: 2407.93 per square mile

77. Civic Center
Offense Count: 863
Crime Density: 2838.82 per square mile

78, CBD
Offense Count: 1987
Crime Density: 4610.21 per square mile

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.