Dan Maes to set record straight about governor's race, "campaign terrorists" in new book

When last we heard from losing 2010 gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes, he was calling Tom Tancredo a big bully. Since then, there's been radio silence -- but Maes hasn't been idle.

In the past few weeks, he's managed to write a book in which he promises to set the record straight about the race.

In an announcement to those on his e-mail list, Maes says the tome, tentatively titled Running Without Cowboy Boots (since every other candidate other than him seemed to wear them), will focus on more than just "the bad stuff that happened" -- a list that presumably includes damaging reports about his firing as a Liberal, Kansas cop and a fine for campaign violations, not to mention assertions that Denver's B-Cycle program was a United Nations plot. He wants to share experiences about the seventeen months of stumping that preceded his Republican primary victory and the "arrival of the campaign terrorists," including his "faith walk... From day one, I wanted my campaign to reflect that faith still has a place in who we are and what we stand for as individuals privately and politically."

Here's the complete release about his latest baby.

Exposing The Whole Truth

I can't begin to tell you how many people have asked for me to get as much of the truth out about the 2010 governor's race as possible. Some even encouraged me writing a book about it. Sounded interesting but when would I get the time? Guess what... I did! That is why you have not seen anything from me in the last couple of weeks.

I had some downtime over the last few weeks and Karen actually said one day, "Honey, why don't you start writing what happened and see where it takes you?" That is kind of like your wife saying, "Sure honey, take that two week hunting trip," or "Sure, buy the sports car." I started writing and two weeks later I had 150 pages of what I thought was important for all of you to know. I could have written more but then I would still be writing today.

We have tentatively given it a fun name of "Running Without Cowboy Boots" because it seemed like every candidate in the state wore cowboy boots except me. That's why I lost, right!? We wanted to give it a bit more appeal than just one angle of all the bad stuff that happened. For those of you who followed the campaign, the reality was that there was 17 months of great times and history made before the arrival of the campaign terrorists after the primary, and even after that we experienced many positive things across Colorado with our many new friends.

I want the book to address 4 things:

1. The truth about the smoke filled rooms, GOP manipulation, pressure to exit, and more.

2. The full details behind the controversial subjects that fed the media machine and contributed to our downfall. You get the facts first hand and can decide for yourselves what the truth is.

3. Setting the record straight on who Dan Maes really is and not who talk show hosts and Post writers say Dan Maes is.

4. Discussing my faith walk throughout the campaign. From day one, I wanted my campaign to reflect that faith still has a place in who we are and what we stand for as individuals privately and politically.

5. We hope to have photos of many of you and some of you will be mentioned as important people to our campaign (and a few who we wish weren't). It will serve as a record for some and even some therapy for me.

I will keep you updated as things progress. Currently the manuscript is being edited and we hope for a first draft in a few weeks. I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!

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