Dave Schultheis calls for Boulder boycott over Arizona immigration law action

Senator Dave Schultheis can be a wonderfully entertaining ball of crazy.

Okay, maybe his comments about how pregnant women with HIV should be allowed to pass the virus to their babies cuz that would teach them a big ol' lesson about promiscuity wasn't all that funny -- and neither was his tweet comparing President Barack Obama to 9/11 terrorists.

But his latest campaign -- to boycott Boulder because the city has banned official travel to Arizona over its new immigration law -- is high-larious!

In a press release, Schultheis declares that "Boulder has a history of looking the other way when it comes to enforcing the law... Not only does Boulder act like a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants, but its District Attorney allows an illegal needle exchange program to operate right under his nose, and the City Council recently voted to exempt topless women from a city ban on public nudity."

He's right about that last part -- although the Boulder ACLU still sees the nudity ordinance as a war on fun. As for the needle exchange, a bill that would legalize this approach statewide is on the cusp of passage. Perhaps that'll lead Schultheis to call for a boycott on junkies. That'll show 'em!

In the meantime, a BOYCOTT BOULDER Facebook group has popped up. Its overview declares:

The People's Republic of Boulder weighs in on the Arizona law with a travel ban of their own. In light of this information, I propose we boycott Boulder & issue a travel warning to anyone who lives in or travels to Boulder who have conservative bumper stickers on their gas-guzzling, non-eco-friendly vehicles for concern of being profiled.

At this writing, the page has 114 friends. There's no telling how many of them have set foot in Boulder in recent years -- not many, I'm guessing. But I'm planning a trip up there soon in order to visit Powell's Sweet Shoppe, because I'm just about out of vanilla Cow Tales.

I'd pick one up for Schultheis, but I have a feeling he'd be more comfortable if they were called Horse's Ass.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.