David Barela and twin plus two others busted for allegedly withdrawing entire ATMs four times

Stealing money from an ATM is a lot easier in the comfort of home -- or at least not while under video surveillance in their supposedly permanent location.

That's the apparent logic behind a series of ATM thefts allegedly committed by David Barela and his twin brother Davey, plus Vicente Aguilar and Robert Smith. How'd they get caught?

The crime that spelled the beginning of the end for the suspects' freedom took place at around 3:40 a.m. on August 15. The police believe thieves backed up a stolen pickup truck to a building at 1696 South Broadway and loaded the ATM into the bed.

Later that day, cops found the truck abandoned in the City of Sheridan. How'd they know they'd recovered the right one? It had an ATM in the back -- one that had been gutted of all the cash it had once held.

Turns out that this incident wasn't one of a kind. According to 7News, at least five attempts to steal ATMs have taken place in the area since mid-May -- although not all of them were successful. Witness an August 28 botch in Colorado Springs. The city's police department notes that video from a Valero store on Research Parkway showed a group of masked thieves wrapping a chain around an ATM and trying to drag it outside using an older model Chevy or GMC truck that apparently didn't have enough power to rip the machine from its moorings. When cops arrived, they found the ATM still inside, albeit badly damaged.

The Barelas and their pals are thought to have been more successful -- but a couple of weeks after cops had a chance to comb the stolen truck for evidence, their run came to an end. David Barela, plus Smith (who was already in custody) and Aguilar, are being held on investigation of ten felony counts related to four ATM thefts. Davey appears to have been something of a late-to-the-party tag-along; he's facing just three felony charges.

Look below to see mug shots of the foursome:

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.