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Dear Stoner: How do vaporizers and vape pens differ?

Dear Stoner: If the three flowering plants (and the three soon-to-be flowering plants) I have growing as a legal red-card holder yield a very conservative ounce per, in a few months I'll have three to six oh-zees, and the legal limit is two ounces. How do you handle a stock overrun?

Evil Willy

Dear Willy: Congratulations! You've discovered a weird legal gray area! Your question actually requires multiple answers, so take a big hit, hold it and bear with me.

You are correct that state medical marijuana law only allows you to keep two ounces, and any excess is illegal. But also according to state law, adults 21 and up can grow six plants (three in flower, three not) for recreational use and are allowed to keep all that they harvest, as long as that harvest remains at your house. If you go out in public, you can only have an ounce on you under recreational cannabis rules. But, again, you're a medical patient — so you can technically possess up to two ounces in public. Aren't loopholes awesome?

That said, medical patients 21 and up who keep all they grow from their six plants could still technically be violating state medical marijuana rules — if some bureaucrat cared enough to take you to court to set a precedent. So if you're under 21 and growing for yourself or you're hyper-paranoid about the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment paying you a house call, you'd better keep it to two ounces or less after harvest. Otherwise, you should be fine.

But you asked me how I would handle a "stock overrun," didn't you? I would personally handle that by making hash. Lots and lots of hash.

Dear Stoner: I switched to using a vaporizer three years ago. I want to change to a vape pen with oil/wax and wonder if it is the same type of high as smoking it.


Dear Commis: The buzz with an e-cig-style vape pen that uses the pre-made glycol/oil cartridges is similar to vaporizing bud in that the buzz has a more mellow onset and doesn't put you over the top with THC if you take it easy. It also doesn't ravage your lungs like smoke does. The vape pens that "vape" the wax and shatter oils directly on a hot coil tend to produce a thicker, more smoke-like vapor. It's also a lot stronger, as you're smoking much higher concentrates of THC in each hit.

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