Ask a Stoner

Dear Stoner: What are the legal limits for recreational edibles?

Dear Stoner: If I have a half-ounce of raw herb, how many milligrams of THC edibles can I also have before I am technically over the one-ounce recreational limit?
Frank the Tank

Dear Frank: This is the type of ninth-grade math question we wish our teacher had asked us back in the day. It all comes down to the beauty of the metric system. One gram equals 1,000 milligrams, and under state law, that's the conversion for edibles, concentrates and tinctures. Therefore, a 100-milligram edible counts as one-tenth of a gram of herb. In short: You could have 14,000 milligrams of THC edibles, or about 140 different store-bought, recreational-strength treats.

This is actually one of the great loopholes in the system. While you can purchase an ounce of raw bud that will get you stoned for, say, two weeks, you can also go out and buy an ounce's worth of hash oil for your vaporizer, which would last you months. Same goes for edibles. If you're anything like me, 100 milligrams is enough to catch a good buzz, so having 140 pot treats around the house would do me good for several months.

Dear Stoner: What strain is most like 1960s potency? This shit the shops sell is way too strong for this old hippie.
Dirty Steve

Dear Steve: I hate to break it to you (and all of the pot prohibitionists who claim the same thing), but the pot you had in the '60s was just as strong as most of the pot out there today — it just wasn't grown as well. Since that time, we've learned to stop smoking the fan leaves, breed out female plants from male plants, and generally take better care of the lovely green ladies that do so much for us all. You can search out lower-THC buds, but even those grown right will probably still knock you on your ass. If the pot you're finding is too strong, I'd suggest growing your own, not overdoing the nutrients and harvesting it a little on the early side. You could also start asking around for shops that sell bud shake; many do so for a huge discount to people just like you, who want to toke without going on a mission to Mars.

Dear Stoner: Where can I find high-CBD strains as a medical patient?
Sick Leigh

Dear Leigh: We put this question to our Facebook fans, who told us to check out (in no particular order) Kind Love, Greenwerkz, The Clinic, Pink House and River Rock, as well as products from Mary Jane's and Green Dot Labs. Feel better.

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