Death in Littleton, No. 3: Apparent assassination at Parkland Square apartments

At about 1 a.m. this morning, representatives of the Littleton Police Department received multiple reports about gunfire at the Parkland Square apartment complex, near the border between Littleton and Englewood.

A thus-far-undetermined number of these shots hit a man inside the apartment, and he later died of his wounds. Littleton PD Lietutenant Sean Dugan provides vivid details about the crime, which appears to have been what he calls "an intentional act" -- essentially an assassination.

"We're looking for a light- or medium-skinned Hispanic male, about five-feet, six-inches tall -- a younger person," Dugan says. "We believe he acted alone in terms of the shooting, but he had an accomplice who drove the getaway car.

"We think he walked into the courtyard of the apartment complex, walked up the stairs to the victim's door and knocked on the door. They exchanged some words -- we're not sure what. But this wasn't a random act of violence. There was some verbal exchange, and it sounds like the suspect had the door braced open with his foot. He drew his gun and started shooting at pretty close range. At some point, the victim was able to get the door closed, but the suspect continued to shoot through the door. The victim was hit numerous times."

After that, Dugan continues, "the suspect started down the staircase, firing several more rounds at the door. Then he pointed the gun at several people in the courtyard -- he pointed it at them as he walked past. He exited out the west door, the same door he came in through, and crossed over to Huron Street -- that's in the City of Englewood -- and got into a waiting car on the passenger side."

Neighbors rushed to aid the man, but his injuries were too severe. He died after being transported to Swedish Medical Center.

At this point, LPD representatives are still gathering information from witnesses, whose view of the suspect's face was partly obscured by the gray hoodie he wore. In addition, descriptions of the vehicle are less than precise, with one witness identifying it as a Pontiac, another as Honda. They agree that it was dark in color, however.

Dugan says department reps are especially concerned about the suspect due to the apparent planning involved in the shooting, as well as his manner. "He didn't really run or sprint from the scene," he notes. "He was a pretty cool customer."

The LPD hopes to release more information about the victim later today. In the meantime, look below to check out an interactive graphic of the 750 W. Belleview scene (if you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map").

View Larger Map

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.