Deion Sanders Hire by CU Buffs Leaves Latest Broncos Loss in Twitter's Dust

CU Boulder athletic director Rick George gave new football coach Deion Sanders a "Coach Prime" jersey during a December 4 press conference.
CU Boulder athletic director Rick George gave new football coach Deion Sanders a "Coach Prime" jersey during a December 4 press conference. Pac-12 Networks via YouTube
After each of the Denver Broncos' many, many losses this season, fans have exploded with a blend of anger and disappointment on Twitter and other social media platforms. But the response to the franchise's all-too-typical 10-9 defeat to the Baltimore Ravens yesterday, December 4, was different. Rather than venting their ire about yet another choke job, many fans chose instead to focus on the University of Colorado Boulder's hiring of NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders as its football squad's new head coach — and to fantasize that the man nicknamed Prime Time could somehow direct CU and the Broncos simultaneously.

Of course, such double duty isn't even slightly practical. But given that the supremely gifted Sanders somehow managed to play both pro football and pro baseball during the height of his athletic career, this impossible dream makes a certain kind of twisted sense.

The scheduling of the Sanders conference can be seen as an appropriately hilarious insult to the Broncos: It got underway at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, while the Broncos-Ravens contest was still in progress. Had quarterback Russell Wilson and first-year coach Nathaniel Hackett lived up to sky-high expectations prior to the start of the 2022-2023 campaign, most local sports lovers would have been torn about whether to switch over to the CU event, despite Neon Deion's undeniable star power. But yesterday, the distraction was an absolute blessing.

There's no reason to linger over the reasons why. The Ravens seemed ripe for the plucking when starting quarterback Lamar Jackson went down with an injury during the first half of the match-up — and Justin Simmons's two interceptions against his replacement, Tyler Huntley, provided even more opportunities for points. But Russ and company once against went touchdown-free for sixty minutes, notching just three field goals en route to a 9-3 lead. But anyone who's watched the Broncos this season knew that six-point margin wouldn't hold, and it didn't: Huntley methodically led a late sixteen-play, 91-yard drive that sealed Denver's doom in the most predictable way possible.

Fortunately, many thousands of folks didn't see this result live. Instead, they were eyeballing as Sanders, whose Jackson State outfit had completed an undefeated season by winning the Southwestern Athletic Conference championship the previous day, absolutely wowed the area press corps not in Baltimore with  a display of swagger that was flat-out thrilling. He reeled off biblical quotes and boasts about his body odor — he smells like confidence! — with equal aplomb, providing the first ray of hope for the CU program in years. Indeed, the Buffs have been so bad that even though everyone knows Sanders is hoping to use Colorado as a stepping stone to a better job, those assembled seemed grateful that he was bothering to plant his foot in Boulder at all.

Sure, go ahead and use us, Deion, their beatific expressions seemed to be saying. And when you're done, we'll thank you.

In the hours that followed, some tweeters acknowledged that Broncos Country had been similarly hyped when Wilson was traded to Denver — and look how that turned out. But in the short term, the excitement over Sanders helped dull the pain of another Broncos catastrophe.

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