Broncos Fans on Twitter Rip John Elway's Ownership Dreams

In this August 2021 interview, John Elway called Peyton Manning "arguably the greatest QB to ever play the game."
In this August 2021 interview, John Elway called Peyton Manning "arguably the greatest QB to ever play the game." Denver Broncos via YouTube
John Elway is unquestionably the greatest player in the history of the Denver Broncos, and during his early years as an executive with the team, his acquisition of Peyton Manning and other top talent led to a great four-year stretch and the Super Bowl 50 championship. But the squad has been so terrible since then that Elway has torched an astonishing amount of the goodwill he'd accrued — so much so that reports he might be making a bid to purchase the team are filling many Broncos fans with terror.

Ever since late Broncos owner Pat Bowlen handed over control of the franchise as he battled  Alzheimer's back in 2014, the ownership situation has been in flux, and after a series of bizarre shenanigans essentially took presumed heir John Bowlen out of the running, things have gotten messier and messier thanks to intra-family lawsuits and more. No wonder that in early 2020, Joe Ellis, who heads the trust currently running day-to-day operations, conceded that a sale could be in the team's future — and a court ruling earlier this month appears to have removed most of the impediments to such a transaction.

Shortly thereafter, the Gazette's Woody Paige tweeted that six ownership groups were seeking to buy the team, suggesting that Elway and Manning were in different collectives — and it didn't take long for most Denver loyalists to make their preferences clear. In a January 11 online poll conducted by 104.3 The Fan host Zach Bye, more than 90 percent of the 3,000-plus participants favored Peyton over Big John.

Turns out the supposed face-off between the two ex-quarterbacks may have been overstated. Yesterday, January 17, Elway told 9News's Mike Klis that he would like to be part of an ownership group — a comment that raises questions about whether he's currently involved with one or still fishing.

Nonetheless, a debate over whether Elway should have even a small stake in Broncos ownership has erupted on social media, and while some loyalists think he's earned this opportunity by way of his many positive accomplishments over the years, the majority of commenters loathe the notion. See what we mean by counting down the following tweets.

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