Denver City Councilman Albus Brooks Will Undergo Surgery to Remove Cancer

Denver City Councilman Albus Brooks went to his Facebook page to share some life-changing news. 

A month ago, the District 9 representative was running the Bolder Boulder when he noticed stiffness in a muscle near his pelvis. A few meetings with doctors later, he found out he had chondrosarcoma, a form of cancer so rare that only 600 cases per year are reported in the U.S., he writes.The tumor in his body is roughly half the size of a cantaloupe. 

"My family and I were devastated at this discovery, and awaited the prognosis with prayerful anticipation," he continued. "The doctors at the University of Colorado Anschutz informed us that the cancer had not spread, and the next step was to surgically remove the tumor."

On July 5, Brooks will undergo surgery and hopes to leave the hospital cancer-free. He will be on medical leave for four to six weeks. 

"I have learned that cancer does not discriminate, and that no matter how healthy you are, this disease can impact your life. It is critical that we all get regular checkups with a primary-care physician and examine ourselves for anything unusual. I am thankful that I have access to health insurance and quality medical care, and as a public servant, I am continually reminded of the deep need to continue to provide access to this care to everyone. The health of a city is dependent upon the health of its people.

"Please keep me and my family in your thoughts and prayers. We are confident in, and believing for, the best and full recovery."
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