Denver Craigslist Ad Offered Cardboard Boxes for Rent at $1,495

This could be your new home.
This could be your new home.
Denver Craigslist

A Denver Craigslist ad touted an impressive-sounding apartment at what for the Mile High City is a fairly reasonable price: $1,495. But there was only one problem. As seen in the photo above, which effectively satirizes the high cost of rent in Denver, the abode was actually a series of lashed-together cardboard boxes.

That may not be ideal, but the ad copy shared under the headline "Moving to Denver check this beauty out!" made the place sound pretty sweet.

"Check out this beautiful abode available 3/1/17 central to everything," the text began. "Home has current tenant so please do not disturb. You can schedule a tour by submitting a $49 showing fee."

Among the other attributes highlighted were an "Open floor plan" and "Good ventilation w/ plenty air."

Still, there were some restrictions. "Must have 799+ credit score and make 19 times the monthly rent with last 17 years paystubs or tax returns (basically eligible to buy a house)," the text noted. But dogs were allowed "with a $27,500 deposit and $499 extra per month (your dog better get a job)."

Ready to make an offer? Sorry, no dice. After a small item about the ad appeared, someone at Craigslist flagged it for removal.

Fortunately, there's more cardboard where that came from — and as we pointed out in a recent post, Denver rents are going up again. With the median price for a two-bedroom apartment in Five Points at $2,050, less than $1,500 for a place with great sidewalk access isn't all that bad....

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.