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Denver Crime Rises in 7 of 9 Categories, Homicide Up 72.4 Percent

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The latest crime statistics available from the Denver Police Department don't feature a lot of good news.

The stats available at this writing cover January-November 2015 — figures we've compared to the same period the previous year. And the numbers are up in seven of nine categories, including all four offenses listed under violent crime and three of five designated as property crimes.

Most alarming of all is the startling increase in homicides over the span of a year — from 29 during the first eleven months of 2014 to 50 from January until November of 2015. That's an increase of 72.4 percent.

We've got the complete breakdown below, with violent crimes on the first page and property crimes (burglary, larceny, theft from motor vehicles, auto theft and arson) on the second page. The numbers conclude with the combined total, which (no surprise) has also increased.

For more information about crime in Denver, click here.


January-November 2014
Total: 29
Percentage of overall crime: 0.1 percent

January-November 2015
Total: 50
Percentage of overall crime: 0.2 percent

Difference: 21
Percentage: 72.4 percent

January-November 2014
Total: 435
Percentage of overall crime: 1.8 percent

January-November 2015
Total: 508
Percentage of overall crime: 1.9 percent

Difference: 73
Percentage: 16.8 percent

January-November 2014
Total: 1,000
Percentage of overall crime: 4.1 percent

January-November 2015
Total: 1,127
Percentage of overall crime: 4.3 percent

Difference: 127
Percentage: 12.7 percent

January-November 2014
Total: 2,197
Percentage of overall crime: 9.0 percent

January-November 2015
Total: 2,496
Percentage of overall crime: 9.5 percent

Difference: 299
Percentage: 13.6 percent


January-November 2014
Total: 4,131
Percentage of overall crime: 16.9 percent

January-November 2015
Total: 4,251
Percentage of overall crime: 16.2 percent

Difference: 120
Percentage: 2.9 percent

LARCENY (Except Theft from Moving Vehicles)
January-November 2014
Total: 8,728
Percentage of overall crime: 35.7 percent

January-November 2015
Total: 8,144
Percentage of overall crime: 31.0 percent

Difference: -584
Percentage: -6.7 percent

January-November 2014
Total: 4,764
Percentage of overall crime: 19.5 percent

January-November 2015
Total: 5,715
Percentage of overall crime: 21.7 percent

Difference: 951
Percentage: 20.0 percent

January-November 2014
Total: 3,069
Percentage of overall crime: 12.5 percent

January-November 2015
Total: 3,903
Percentage of overall crime: 14.9 percent

Difference: 834
Percentage: 27.2 percent

January-November 2014
Total: 118
Percentage of overall crime:  0.5 percent

January-November 2015
Total: 95
Percentage of overall crime: 0.4 percent

Difference: -23
Percentage: -19.5 percent


January-November 2014: 24,471

January-November 2015: 26,289

Change: 1,818 = 7.4 percent

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.