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Denver Cruiser Ride: City officially proclaims Wednesdays "Bike Night in Denver"

Denver Cruiser Ride organizer Brad Evans thinks big -- and not just when it comes to pranks like releasing an April Fools Day 2013 themes list featuring selections like "Skid Marks & Semen Stains."

When Evans previewed the upcoming Denver Cruiser Ride season, which kicks off May 15, he told us about an idea to get the City of Denver to declare Wednesdays Bike Night in Denver -- and damn it if he didn't pull off the plan.

See the official proclamation and more below.


"I'm trying to re-envision the Cruiser Ride," Evans told us last month. "It's like, how do you manage this many people on a Wednesday night? We're just trying to figure out, 'What does that look like?' And how do we get the city and police involved in a different format?"

One way was to brand Wednesdays as Denver Bike Night, with bike safety a key component. In our April interview, Evans said, "The City and Bike Denver and Steve Sander and I have been working on a bike-safety campaign, and as part of it, we're hoping that the Denver police will come and give away five-thousand sets of lights. I'm working on that right now, and I got an e-mail from one of the police commanders that said, 'The best way to engage the bike community is through education.'

"That tells me we've got a green light with someone who wants to work with the bike community -- that the relationship doesn't have to be adversarial with the cops and us and drivers."

Here's proof -- a proclamation signed by Denver Mayor Michael Hancock:

Just because the Denver Cruiser Ride is now a formally recognized event doesn't mean it's suddenly going to turn staid and dull, though. Indeed, when we spoke to Evans a few moments ago, he said his goal for this year is for the weekly event to feel something like this (skip to the one-minute mark if you want to get straight to the action):

The video is "a great metaphor for what we are doing this year," Evans writes via e-mail. "We've always tried to keep the lid on the DCR, but this year we've shaken up the bottle, and hope to bring more attention to riding bikes for fun."

Continue to see the Denver Cruiser Ride release about the Bike Night in Denver proclamation and, just for fun, our complete April Fools Day (and actual) themes post.
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