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"Denver Drivers — Why Are They So Bad?": Vintage Answers From Yelp

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Some Denver topics are eternal.

Note an October 2015 post that asked, "Why is everyone moving to Denver?" But while the subject was fresh, the question — and the responses to it — were first posed on a Yelp thread back in 2010. And the passage of time offered insight on how things have, and haven't, changed.

The same phenomenon comes into play on a 2011 Yelp conversation featuring the headline "Denver Drivers — Why Are They So Bad?"

As you'll see, many of the issues that upset those driving Denver's roadways today were very much a thing five years ago. In that sense, the complaints haven't aged much — and neither has the advice offered in the last comment on view here.

Continue for the conversation starter and what struck us as the ten most memorable replies.

The Conversation Starter:

So... we're just out here about nine months, and we've come to the conclusion that the drivers out here are overall much worse than where we came from. Also, I travel every week with work to various locations across the country, and I think folks here are worse than in other places, as well.

Random lane changes... super slow drivers... random braking... you name it.

So, I'm not trying to do this to be offensive — I'm just wondering why it's the case...

a-feared of driving...

Reply 1:

Haha, I agree with you! Although it was a much scarier experience (for me) driving in Southern California...

Drivers here are pretty bad. On highways you can guarantee someone will tailgate you until you switch lanes (even if the roads are clear and you're going 80 in a 75) after all you are in THEIR lane! The person leading the parade onto the highway will not accelerate and cause everyone behind them to attempt to merge into traffic going 40 mph. (I love those guys!) And of course there is always the lady who insists on going exactly 8 under the speed limit at rush hour when you're a mere 2 miles from your house. We seem to have more than our fair share of Sunday drivers.

Just yesterday in our neighborhood there was a guy in a brand new shiny Mustang who apparently didn't like the speed limits of a neighborhood with a lot of children playing outside. He sped up and literally drove up into someone's front yard to get around cars. Everyone seems to be in a hurry here.

Reply 2:

Drivers are bad everywhere. Not sure where you are from, but Denver is like driving heaven compared to Louisiana.

Reply 3:

I'd say we have a melting pot of driving styles around here. You never know who you're going to get when you pull on to the freeway. Will they let you in, pull to the next lane or jam you up? Californians drive like Californians and Texans drive like Texans but put the two together and lookout!

Reply 4:

I perform Jedi mind tricks on myself when I drive, so that I am extra patient and impervious to the bad drivers.

I'm convinced that if people left early instead of always being late/in a rush *and* got more hugs everyday, they would be better drivers. ;)

Reply 5:

I've heard several people try and blame it on the Californians and as a Californian, I can honestly say that the Denver driving style is like nothing I've experienced/seen before. It must be the mishmash of driving from all over the country or something, but it is not a California driving style.

We can be blamed for a lot, but the crazy driving here isn't one of them. However, you can thank us for the Mission style burrito.

You're welcome.

Reply 6:

Texans at least know how to drive in the rain.. my gosh, you put any sort of precip on the ground other than snow, and then everyone starts driving 5 mph.

Reply 7:

I lived in Minneapolis for a year, and they were hands down the worst drivers I had ever experienced. I've driven in Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston and Denver, and it still surprises me that Minneapolis were so awful.

Reply 8:

People in Denver drive sooo slowly; it's as if they're driving for the sake of driving, rather than, oh I don't know, trying to go somewhere. (Imagine that!) Before moving to Colorado, I had never driven anywhere where people on the highways consistently drive slower than the speed limit in the left lane. But what really kills me is that the same people who obliviously drive 35 in a 45 zone will floor it when they're 500 feet from an intersection and the light turns yellow. They won't dare approach the speed limit, but they'll run red lights without a second thought.

Reply 9:

I like the people who have the super-duper behemoth SUVs with million-wheel-drive during the winter who think just because their car weighs 4 tons that they can drive like it's summer time. Even the biggest cars with the latest technology can't really out-do physics.

Drive like an idiot in the snow and ice, you're gonna wreck.

Reply 10:

Driving in Denver is giving me high blood pressure. For realz. Everyday some idiotic driver manages to induce road rage in me.

Tailgaters, slow drivers, people that don't use their turn signals, dumb a$$es that are texting, eating, whatever they shouldn't be doing and swerve into your lane, the list goes on. Sometimes, you just got to chill out and laugh at these mofos.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.