Denver Police Department goes all Law & Order in new video series

The Denver Police Department is releasing a series of action-filled videos demonstrating the work of a police officer. The first one came out today and features a foot chase after a would-be bank robber near Curtis Park. It's got it all: voiceover, dramatic orchestration, slo-mo and, of course, a perp with a face full of pavement. Watch below.

The videos were produced by longtime DPD collaborator Frank Hogan of Let's Be Frank Productions, using funds from the Denver Police Foundation. Everyone who appears in the video is an actual officer, including our greedy miscreant.

Why is the police department creating these videos? "We really wanted to educate and illustrate police work," says officer John White. "To show our citizens what our officers do on a daily basis."

"We actually chose that particular scenario because it probably happens a lot more frequently than you would think," he says. The video is based on an incident from last month involving a foot chase in which the officer sustained the knee and hand injuries featured in the video.

The police department had an abnormally rough year for public relations, culminating in the resignation of former Manager of Safety Ron Perea. While no one from DPD has said that these videos are designed to help restore the Department's image with citizens, that would be one reason to make them.

White says they're hoping this will be at least a five-part series and that the next video will be focused on Metro Swat. No word on when they'll get to the episode on filling out mountains of paperwork.

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