Reader: The Plowing Here Is Ridiculous for a Major City

Reader: The Plowing Here Is Ridiculous for a Major City
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The bomb cyclone that hit Denver on Wednesday, March 13, might be over, but at least 28,000 people in Denver were still without power as of Friday morning — and surely more than that are still reeling from all the snow, wind and ice.

Readers unleashed their opinions on Denver's handling of the storm in comments on the various stories we wrote this week, including concerns about Xcel's inability to restore power, criticism of the city's plowing policy, and complaints about overblown coverage of what many thought was a big ol' nothing burger.

Erik, for example, who says:

You mean this rain blizzard?

Adds Jared:

Fake cyclone. Barely dusted the roads in Denver.

Even so, plenty of people had trouble driving. Argues Jessica:

Guess if everyone would go back to California. they could bitch about the fires instead of snow. Can't win with these people, and you definitely can't drive on the same roads with them! Stop turning Colorado into California!!!

Notes Keef:

I don’t need to read this article to know that Denver will do a horrible job plowing after this storm because they can’t do a decent job plowing after a normal storm.

Notices Marcelino:

Dig out? There's only 5 inches of snow on the ground. If you're crying about plowing that, then you should probably move back to Texas or California.

Explains Melissa:

As someone from Chicago who is used to a quick and thorough response in the form of salt and plows, I can say I was horrified the first time I had to drive up Broadway from Englewood to get downtown. I pulled over and took pictures to send back home, and we were all laughing and asking WTF at the same time! I get that it seems Denver is used to the sun coming out and doing the work, but in situations like yesterday and today it’s really ridiculous!!

Concludes Jordan:

The plowing here is ridiculous for a major city.

Keep reading for more of our coverage of the bomb cyclone (fake or not).

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Xcel Energy estimated the total number of Colorado customers who experienced storm-related outages at 400,000, and by 7 p.m. on March 13, power had been restored to 235,000 of them.

By then, the city's plows were out in force.

According to Nancy Kuhn of Denver's Department of Public Works: "We have seventy big plows, which cover the main streets, and we have 36 residential plows — four-by-four pickups with plows that we deploy when we do the residential program. The seventy plows run regularly on the main streets in the larger snow event. We have enough drivers to put out all seventy of them."

Want to see where those drivers are? "We have a website with information about the city's snow-response program," Kuhn says. "And we also recently launched a plow tracker. In a full deployment event, we turn on our plow tracker, so you can see where they are. When both fleets are out, it's a pretty cool visual."

What did you think of the city's plow job? Do you have a good/bad storm story? Let us know in a comment or send an email to editorial@westword.com.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.