25 Great Safe-Biking Destinations in Denver is all about helping people cycle around Denver safely. is all about helping people cycle around Denver safely.
While Denver aspires to be a great cycling city, the lack of a fully built-out street network means plenty of local bike riders simply don't feel safe pedaling from one side of the metro area to the other even on glorious fall days like this one. After all, traffic fatalities have already surpassed last year's total, and efforts to reduce residential speed limits aren't moving as quickly as advocates would like.

Rather than wait for solutions, Avi Stopper, who's been traveling by bike in Denver for a quarter-century, decided to find a way to help cyclists now. He's the creative force behind, which uses crowdsourcing to identify Mile High City streets that are cycling-friendly and provides maps showing routes to get riders to terrific spots safely.

Below, see examples from five major categories: parks, food, culture, activities and beer. And the latest guidebook, which presents safe-biking directions to what Stopper refers to as "25-ish" destinations, is accessible at the bottom of this post.

Stopper sees the effort as "much more than cartography. It's a community effort to see if we can get lots of people using these routes. It's a virtuous circle. As more people get out, you'll have parents confident their kids can get out and ride safely, as well as older folks and people in their neighborhoods who haven't previously felt comfortable getting out on bikes. So the map is the more visible manifestation of the project, but really it's about community organizing — a tool for catalyzing people to get out on bikes."

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