Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Denver for Traffic Accidents Right Now

The aftermath of a July 1 crash near South Bryant and West Alameda that injured two people and killed two dogs.
The aftermath of a July 1 crash near South Bryant and West Alameda that injured two people and killed two dogs. Denver7
As we noted in a recent post about a proposal to lower speed limits on residential streets, the Denver plan dubbed Vision Zero boasts the ambitious goal of eliminating all traffic fatalities in the Mile High City by 2030 — but this year, the problem is getting worse, not better.

According to the project's website, 61 people lost their lives on Denver streets in 2018. With the death on October 7 of Cameron Holub, 31, while riding a bicycle near the intersection of Brighton and 38th, the 2019 casualty total hit 62.

In the meantime, car accidents involving cyclists, pedestrians, scooter riders and other vehicles continue to occur at a dizzying pace. The issue is particularly acute in a handful of Denver neighborhoods, where crashes and hit-and-runs are all too common — and the RiNo Art District, where Holub was killed, is on the list.

Our source is the Denver Accident Map created by the O'Sullivan Law Firm, whose data we've utilized for a series of reports about 2018 traffic deaths, the most dangerous days of the week for-hit-and runs, and more. The resource is built upon Denver Police Department data and updates every 24 hours.

The map's collection of accident reports from September reveals numerous clusters of accidents and hit-and-runs, the majority of which are unattended — e.g., a car smashing into an unoccupied vehicle or the like before rabbiting. Single-digit groupings are depicted in red, while those with more appear in blue. As you can see from the following screen capture, the issue is greatest in nine areas arrayed in and around central Denver, as well as four other outlying spots not pictured here: Montbello and College View (10), Virginia Village/University Hills (11) and near the University of Denver campus (13).

Continue to count down the mapped clusters, ranked from the fewest incidents to the most, supplemented with more specific location information from last month. The data should remind drivers where they need to be even more cautious than usual.

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