Additional photos and more below.
Additional photos and more below.

Denver's Ten Most Walkable Neighborhoods, 2016 Edition

We recently re-shared a 2013 post highlighting Denver's five most walkable neighborhoods.

Afterward, we checked Walkscore.com, our source for the information, to see if any of the site's rankings had changed — and they had.

In the nearly three years since the original item's publication, two new neighborhoods entered the top five, and overall scores were significantly altered.

Clearly, it was time for an update — one that offered information about even more Denver neighborhoods.

Look below to see the ten Denver 'hoods Walkscore.com deems most walkable, featuring graphics from the site, as well as data that also touches on cycling and public transportation. To get walkability scores for all of Denver's neighborhoods, click here.

Number 10: Cheesman Park

Walk Score: 80

Transit Score: 53

Bike Score: 96

Population: 7,984

Number 9: Congress Park

Walk Score: 80

Transit Score: 52

Bike Score: 86

Population: 10,239

Number 8: City Park

Walk Score: 81

Transit Score: 55

Bike Score: 96

Population: 2,894

Number 7: Cherry Creek

Walk Score: 82

Transit Score: 49

Bike Score: 77

Population: 5,583

Number 6: Speer

Walk Score: 83

Transit Score: 55

Bike Score: 92

Population: 10,957

Continue to keep counting down Denver's ten most walkable neighborhoods, 2016 edition.

Number 5: Lincoln Park

Walk Score: 84

Transit Score: 75

Bike Score: 93

Population: 6,117

Number 4: Five Points

Walk Score: 84

Transit Score: 70

Bike Score: 94

Population: 12,709

Number 3: Baker

Walk Score: 88

Transit Score: 60

Bike Score: 88

Population: 4,875

Number 2: Capitol Hill

Walk Score: 91

Transit Score: 65

Bike Score: 90

Population: 14,685

Number 1: Downtown

Walk Score: 91

Transit Score: 83

Bike Score: 93

Population: 15,382

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