Do You Take This Shmuck to Have and to Hold?

Ahhh, weddings, so romantic, so festive.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

Blue, as in the police!

What’s the deal recently with wedding couples ending up in jail? It seems like there’s a new one on TV or in the papers every other week. In the old days, we consummated our marriages with a little of the ole pokey-pokey. Now we seal the deal in the pokey.

The latest couple to be able to add a mug shot to their wedding album is Andy and Ania Somora, who hail from Durango and got married in Lakeside, Michigan. According to news reports, the owner of a gallery where the wedding reception was taking place called the police on July 19 after the party got out of hand.

The cops tried to break things up and send guests home, something that greatly upset many of them. The police called for backup, tensions rose, and Andy Somora’s father ended up cuffed and sitting in the back of a squad car. Later, Andy himself was tasered twice, according to the article, and the newlyweds were both arrested – although police wouldn’t confirm those details.

For a sweet pic of Ania being arrested, click here.

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