Dog the Bounty Hunter fresh meat for prison badasses in E! True Hollywood Story

Those of you who decided to spend your Monday evening watching the final episodes of 24 and Law and Order are probably kicking yourselves over skipping the E! True Hollywood Story portrait of local legend Dog the Bounty Hunter -- as well you should.

Not only did viewers get a glimpse of Dog the womanizer -- his young daughter once prayed, "God, please don't let Dad f*** the nanny" -- but they saw the young Duane Chapman during his days on the wrong side of the law. Specifically, he shared memories of being convicted of murder for his accessory role in the 1976 slaying of a man named Jerry Oliver -- and of being an object of attraction for dudes, too. "Right away, the badasses started liking me," he says. "And I was one of the youngest in Texas prison for murder one."

Look below to see Dog share these thoughts in a sample from the show -- and be grateful that the episode is scheduled for encore screenings Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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