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Dog the Bounty Hunter: Joran van der Sloot is "a wheeler-dealer, a conniver and a serial killer"

Joy Behar must have a thing for guests with Colorado connections. Last week on her Headline News show, it was Ted Haggard pimping his new Colorado Springs church. And last night, she jawed with Dog the Bounty Hunter about suspected Natalee Holloway killer Joran van der Sloot, who's reportedly confessed to murdering a woman in Peru. Dog's view, as seen in the clip below: He's "a wheeler-dealer, a conniver and a serial killer."

Dog, who says he's spoken with Holloway's mom, told Behar that van der Sloot reminds him of other slayers he's come across during his career. Once a person like that kills, he'll kill again, because "it's in his DNA. You become that. You become an evil beast like that, that thirsts for murder."

While Dog concedes that van der Sloot deserves his day in court, "to assume that he's innocent is kind of sad." Indeed, he sees significance to the Peru crime taking place five years to the day after the Holloway incident, and predicts that van der Sloot will eventually confess to the first murder, too.

Here's the video of his appearance:

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