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Don't Text & Segway (and Run Red Lights), Especially If You're a Denver Officer

We frequently hear admonitions against texting while driving. But texting while Segwaying — and allegedly running a red light while doing so?

The latter may not seem as intrinsically dangerous, but it's certainly proven embarrassing for the thus-far unidentified Denver parking officer in question, as well as the Denver official put in the position of answering questions on the topic.

The photos of the incident were taken by An Pan, who shared two images on the 7News Facebook page. Here's a long shot....

...as well as the uncropped version of the one at the top of this item:

Pan accompanied the photos with this description:

Denver Parking Control Officer taking a Monday morning roll on the City owned Seguay!! (This past Monday at 11:44 a.m.) And, he rolls right thru a red light (check the pic with the cross traffic light still clearly green)!!!

7News contacted the city about the photos, and Public Works spokeswoman Nancy Kuhn draw the short straw.

Kuhn tells the station that while it's unclear from the images if the officer actually ran the red light, he's been contacted about texting and/or using the phone while steering a Segway with only one hand and "appropriate disciplinary action will be taken, whatever that turns out to be."

The lack of specifics in this response is understandable, since we doubt a plan was in place for this particular situation.

In the meantime, kids (and parking officers), remember: Don't text and Segway.

Here's the 7News report:

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.