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Dony Salazar's DNA ties him to rape a month before he stabbed a pregnant woman

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While Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey wasn't a fan of a 7News rape-kit story, he likely feels better about another report offered by the station on a similar subject.

To whit: Thirty-year-old Dony Salazar, in jail for stabbing a pregnant victim, among other things, has now been charged with kidnapping and sexually assaulting another woman only a month earlier -- and thanks for that goes to DNA captured during a post-rape examination. Photos, video and more below.

The details about the latest case being pinned to Salazar can be found in an arrest affidavit shared here.

At about 6 a.m. on December 16, 2000, according to the report, a woman, age forty, was waiting for a bus at 38th and Tejon that would take her to work at the Adams Mark Hotel downtown.

Here's an interactive graphic showing the stop in question; if you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

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Before the vehicle arrived, a man came up behind her, pushed a black handgun into her right side and told her in Spanish, "If you don't walk, I'll kill you. If you scream, I'll kill you."

The man kept the gun trained on the woman as they walked to the backyard of an abandoned house at 3941 Tejon Street. As they moved, he put his arm around her to make them seem as if they were a couple.

Once they were behind the house, he ordered the woman to remove her pants and forced her to have oral, anal and vaginal sex.

Afterward, the woman ran back to the stop and took the bus to the Adams Mark, at which she reported the kidnapping and assault to a co-worker. And while she was able to provide additional details about the crime to investigators, no arrest was made in the case, which was subsequently designated as inactive.

Little did detectives realize that a month later, the man they now believe was responsible for this terrible act -- Salazar -- was making news for another crime against a woman...and her children.

Continue for more about the charging of Dony Salazar, including photos, a video and more. In January 2001, as 7News notes, Salazar became a reluctant local-news star after he was accused of stabbing a pregnant woman, age 25, after which he stole her truck and slammed it into a tree.

Making the situation even worse: The woman's two kids were inside the pickup, and both were injured in the crash.

Afterward, the then-eighteen-year-old Salazar vanished, with speculation that he had escaped to Mexico. But he was eventually arrested and in 2006, he was convicted of aggravated robbery with intent to kill, maim or wound.

He was sentenced to twenty years in stir for his actions, but he was eligible for parole on February 18 of next year -- at least before the latest development.

Last November, the arrest affidavit reveals, the Denver Police Department crime lab obtained a DNA profile from a "rectal swab sperm fraction" taken at the time of the December 2000 sexual assault. And lo and behold, a forensic report recorded a hit with one Dony Salazar.

At that point, the case was reactivated, and in March, detectives went to the Colorado State Penitentiary to talk with Salazar. They showed him a photo of the victim taken within a year of the attack, but he said he didn't recognize her. And while he admitted to living close to the bus stop from which the woman was grabbed, he was "adamant" that he had never had sex with any female he'd met there.

The Denver DA's office allegations against Salazar -- second-degree kidnapping and sexual assault with a deadly weapon -- clearly indicate that prosecutors trust the DNA match much more than they believe his story. He'll be formally advised of the charges against him later this month.

This sequence of events show how invaluable evidence gathered by rape kits can be. On that, you can bet both DA Morrissey and the folks at 7News agree.

Look below to see a larger version of Salazar's booking photo, followed by the 7News report and the affidavit.

Dony Salazar Arrest Affidavit

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