Douglas Alward captured: Violent prison escapee caught in Yuma


The manhunt for

Douglas Alward, the convicted kidnapper and attempted murderer

who walked away from the correctional facility in Sterling on Sunday night is over.

FBI spokesman Dave Joly confirms that Alward was apprehended in Yuma earlier today and Department of Corrections spokeswoman Katherine Sanguinetti provides more information.

According to Sanguinetti, Alward was "captured in a modular home" -- and he had a female hostage with him whom he'd held for several hours. However, the hostage was not injured, and Alward was taken into custody without further incident.

Clearly, he knew the drill. As Alan Prendergast reported in the item linked above, Alward has escaped in the past, only to be recaptured. The timing of his latest attempt is curious, given that he would have been eligible for parole in October.

Now, presumably, another shot at parole will be a long ways off.

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