Reader: Anything That Pisses Off Douglas Bruce Makes My Day

Douglas Bruce during a 2018 segment for Full Frontal With Samantha Bee.
Douglas Bruce during a 2018 segment for Full Frontal With Samantha Bee.
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He might not be a politico anymore, but Douglas Bruce still finds his way into the headlines. This past week, the father of the controversial Taxpayer's Bill of Rights filed an objection with the City of Denver after it seized and sold two pieces of allegedly blighted property to which he held the first deed of trust.

Readers fired back at Bruce's claims with poetic flair.

Bill says:

This convicted felon slumlord blights every property he buys. He's a master of shifting properties from LLC to churches to straw owners to avoid taxes. They should lock him up.

Randy recalls:

Never forget working on a garage slab in Five Points back in the late ’80s. Five city dump trucks pulled in the alley and proceeded to dump their loads of concrete pillars from a demo of a parking garage in town. I went over and asked one of the drivers what's up. He told me they didn't like the owner of property. You can guess who it was.

Brian explains:

Good. This man owes reparations to every child in Colorado that gets to learn in a crumbling moldy building with bug infestations and no working AC in the summer. And again to every homeowner outside of a metro that seems to be the only source of funding local governments can tap to make up the difference.

Paul adds:

When Dougie gets riled up, you know you're on the right track.

John wonders:

You can't make this stuff up. He should declare a State of Emergency, maybe?

J Mark notes:

Slumlord yells at cloud.

John asks:

Please identify Dougie as “a former El Paso County Republican office holder and convicted criminal."

Kym concludes:

Anything that pisses off Douglas Bruce makes my day.

The sale of his property wasn't just bad, according to Bruce. It was a "shocking, fraudulent proceeding," a "legal perversion," a "waste of time" and an "ongoing crime," and the people involved are "milking it for their personal gain."

That's just the beginning. The document stands as a cry of rage against what he sees as an act of political vengeance for TABOR, a 1992 measure conservatives love for restricting government growth and progressives revile for placing an obstacle — voter approval for tax increases — in front of education reform and more.

The four-page objection also shows that Bruce is a long-form master of 21st century-style anger that Twitter chops into bite-sized rants. The text is filled with CAPITAL LETTERS in standard and BOLD PRINT, underscored passages and random punctuation exclamations (!), as well as asides that vividly portray the quirks of his personality. For instance, Bruce demands a hearing but requests that it be scheduled for after 10 a.m. "due to rush hour traffic from Colorado Springs," where he lives. Read more here.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.