Drew Lock at the podium after his first loss as a regular-season NFL starter.
Drew Lock at the podium after his first loss as a regular-season NFL starter.
Denver Broncos via YouTube

Broncos Fans on Twitter Wonder If Drew Lock Sucks After Blowout by Chiefs

Devotees of the Denver Broncos who thought designated quarterback savior Drew Lock would go undefeated in his NFL career are sorely disappointed this morning. After notching an unlikely victory versus the Los Angeles Chargers and a convincing one against the Houston Texans in his first two regular-season starts, Lock and his teammates got their collective ass kicked during a snowy 23-3 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs yesterday, December 15.

In the wake of the pummeling, Broncos Country on Twitter whipsawed back and forth between making excuses for Lock and branding him the latest QB disaster for a team that's turned into the gridiron equivalent of an open sewer since the glories of Super Bowl 50.

There's evidence to support both of these positions.

On the positive side, Lock maintained his composure despite being under near constant pressure from the not-quite-vaunted KC defensive front amid conditions ideal only for the Winter Olympics. And while he threw an idiotic interception to Chiefs safety Juan Thornhill, he continues to build on the chemistry he's developing with Courtland Sutton, Noah Fant and Tim Patrick, and his mobility and moxie are clearly assets.

The problem with grading on the curve, though, is that Lock's completion percentage was below 50 percent (18 of 40 for a measly 208 yards) and he repeatedly failed to get the offense over the hump while the game was still in reach, which it was for longer than the final score implies. Granted, the defense was subpar: Longtime standout cornerback Chris Harris Jr. appears to have stopped caring, and the scheme that prevented tight ends from running wild against Denver up until this point of the season fell apart against the Chiefs' Travis Kelce, who caught eleven Patrick Mahomes passes for 142 yards and probably could have doubled that if it had been necessary. But Lock simply couldn't shoulder the load forced upon him by an anemic running game that managed a cumulative 52 yards.

Nonetheless, plenty of tweeters remain optimistic about Lock's future...even as others are happy to let the bandwagon leave without them. Our picks for the twenty most memorable post-game messages exemplify the debate:

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