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Dustin Canup and Sareena Morrison's alleged target in kidnapping/robbery plot: a pedophile

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Dustin Canup, twenty, and Sareena Morrison, eighteen, can't be accused of trying to victimize a sympathetic person. After all, the target of their alleged crime was a pedophile thought to have arranged a creepy tryst with a six-year-old girl. But that doesn't mean the pair are off the hook; they're suspected of a criminal conspiracy to commit kidnapping and more. Details below.

According to the Loveland Reporter Herald, which cites an arrest affidavit, police received a tip last week concerning a fifteen-year-old girl with a 970 area code who was advertising for sex online.

Detectives subsequently traced the number to Morrison, who lives in Berthoud, and laid the groundwork for a sting operation by texting her under the guise of a man with a six-year-old child. Morrison is said to have arranged a meet with father and daughter at a Loveland motel, where she and a male companion would take part in sex acts with the girl.

Shortly after their arrival at the motel, detectives busted Morrison and Canup, who was reportedly packing a large knife and a pair of handcuffs.

The latter weren't intended for use in some kinky scenario. According to the affidavit, the pair intended to rob the man and take the little girl with them to raise as their own child.

Could Canup and Morrison have had at least some noble motives? Perhaps. After all, they intended to rescue a youngster from a person they believed to be a molester, thereby getting her out of what must have seemed like a terrible situation. But they also were broke, thanks to Canup having lost his job, and earlier, they'd allegedly set up a rendezvous in Englewood where they hoped to extort the man in question for wanting to get horizontal with a teenager he thought was underage.

Police admit there's no proof they successful completed any of their criminal schemes. But they're still floating a raft of potential charges against the couple -- criminal conspiracies and attempts to commit kidnapping, aggravated robbery and extortion. Their current home is the Larimer County Jail, where Canup is being held on $100,000 bond; Morrison's is $75,000.

But at least the imaginary elementary schooler is safe. Look below to see double-shot booking photos for Canup and Morrison, plus a 7News report.

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