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Eddie Fisher, OneRepublic drummer, pleads not guilty in episode with model Loni Rae

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OneRepublic drummer Eddie Fisher likely didn't have "humiliating mug shot" on his rock star bucket list. But he posed for one anyhow this week owing to his bust on suspicion of assault and more related to an incident involving his model girlfriend, Lonnie Weygant, aka Loni Rae. Yesterday, he pleaded not guilty to allegations based on a contradiction-filled probable cause statement.

Backbeat editor Dave Herrera has done the heavy lifting on this story; click here to read his coverage.

The stars of the story are Fisher, who mans the skins for the Ryan Tedder-fronted group known for tuneage such as the mega-hit "Apologize," and Weygant/Rae, whose Facebook page (which she writes in a post will soon be discontinued) describes her as "Playboy Golf Model, Spokesperson, Entrepreneur."

Regarding Playboy, here's a shot of Weygant/Rae that she features on Facebook.

In the "About" section of the page, the self-described "Playboy Golf Cyber Girl 2011" notes that she's "started an AMAZING business that will be up and running soon!" and promises HUGE events to come this year!"

No doubt she didn't expect one of them to be the altercation that took place early Tuesday morning. As Herrera reports, police were dispatched to the 600 block of North Clermont Street, alerted by Weygant/Rae's roommate, at about 1 a.m.. Upon officers' arrival, Fisher waved them down and said his girlfriend had freaked out, locked him in a bathroom and hit him several times in the head -- a claim echoed by the wound clearly visible in his booking photo.

The roommate told cops Fisher had tried to split on several occasions, but Weygant/Rae wouldn't let him. However, the roommate subsequently phoned police at Weygant/Rae's urging after noticing that the bathroom sink was "off the wall," according to the report, and Weygant/Rae had wounds on her lip and finger. A later exam at a nearby hospital also references bruises to her arms and legs.

Mutual allegations of infidelity appear to have started the row, which began with verbal pyrotechnics that turned physical -- although how physical is unclear. In the report, Weygant/Rae says Fisher grabbed her by the head and threw her down. But in an interview with Fox31 on view below, she told reporter Greg Nieto that Fisher "never physically hit me."

In court yesterday, Fisher formally denied misdemeanor charges that include assault, disturbing the peace, destruction of private property and wrongs to a minor; this last count appears related to a child who was in the residence at the time of the skirmish.

Look below to see a larger version of Fisher's mug shot, the Fox31 report and the probable cause statement -- and be sure to read Backbeat's coverage for more information.

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