Emi Coleman turns Breaking Dawn into broken skin, busted for allegedly biting 2 necks (VIDEO)

Talk about a timely crime. During the run-up to the release of the sure-to-suck Breaking Dawn -- Part 1, a woman thought to be Emi Coleman allegedly took the vampire craze a little too personally. She's accused of biting two people on the neck during a visit to a convenience store -- and like a true vamp, she didn't discriminate based on gender. Guess the common denominator was blood. According to the Denver Police Department, a woman stopped by the Barn Store, at 4650 Tower Road, around 10:30 p.m. on November 7. Surveillance photos like this one... ... and especially this one... ... hardly make her look threatening. And maybe she was just trying to be super-friendly when she's said to have committed what the DPD describes as an unlawful sexual assault -- aka groping -- on a male customer before biting his neck. Then the woman, termed a semi-regular at the store, approached the on-duty clerk, a female, and asked for a hug, which she supplemented by chomping down on her neck, too.

The clerk reportedly thought she'd come out of this encounter unscathed, since fabric from her blue hoodie was between her flesh and the woman's choppers. But she was wrong: The biter still managed to leave quite a mark before leaving the store with a white male companion in a dark sedan.

The story was manna from heaven (or maybe hell) for our friends at 9News, whose report about the incident, on view below, featured references to Count Dracula, Twilight and True Blood in quick succession. But it's probably less amusing for Coleman, who has now been arrested for investigation of unlawful sexual conduct and two counts of third-degree assault.

No need to investigate her for good timing, though. She's guilty as charged. Here's that 9News account.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.