Eric Madril, John Culhane sent fake parking ticket to guy who called Madril a meter maid

It's no surprise that parking enforcement officers don't like being called meter maids -- especially the male ones. But Eric Madril's feelings about this label apparently went beyond displeasure to revenge. He and a fellow officer, John Culhane, have been convicted of getting even with one person Madril ticketed by smacking him with a second, much more expensive fine.

The bizarre tale is told in the arrest affidavits for Madril and Culhane, on view below. In August 2009, according to the documents, Madril issued a ticket to one Joshua Miscles, who'd parked his truck near a bank in order to cash a payroll check. When Miscles asked why he was being cited, Madril said it was because the truck didn't have a front license plate.

Turns out there was nowhere to connect the plate, which is why Miscles had placed the plate on his dashboard. But when he reached into the vehicle and showed off the plate, he says Madril smiled at him and told him to deal with it. In response, Miscles called Madril a "piece of shit meter maid."

This description made Madril so angry he tried to coax the driver into a fight, Miscles told police. But Miscles, who had his twelve-year-old son with him at the time, decided to get back in his truck and drive home rather than match knuckles with the officer.

The incident seemed to be over at that point. But no: Miscles subsequently received a second ticket, for allegedly parking in a handicapped spot on the same day as his confrontation with Madril -- something he didn't do. Moreover, the ticket was sent in the mail after its due date, so that the already hefty fine was doubled.

Miscles contested the second ticket and was found not guilty -- and an internal investigation concluded that Culhane had written the handicapped-parking citation at Madril's behest.

A jury agreed. This week, Madril was found guilty of conspiracy to commit forgery, with Culhane hit with both a forgery and conspiracy to commit forgery conviction. Both will be sentenced in November. At that time, Madril faces punishment ranging from probation to a year and a half in prison, while Culhane could get probation to three years -- even though no one ever called him a piece of shit meter maid.

Not that this label is appropriate anymore. Madril and Culhane are former parking enforcement officers now.

Look below to full-size mug shots of the men, as well as the aforementioned arrest affidavits.

Eric Madril Arrest Affidavit

John Culhane Arrest Affidavit

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