Erick Colon and Pals Busted for Robbing Pot Shop With Laser-Sighted Guns

Some marijuana dispensary stick-ups devolve into unintentional comedy — like, for instance, the case of Hayden May, who is said to have known everyone at the pot shop he tried to knock over earlier this year and actually apologized during the crime.

The robbery of Sweet Leaf Pioneer Carbondale was infinitely more frightening. It involved weapons with laser sights and the handcuffing of a clerk.

But despite the use of masks and a mostly failed attempt to cut phone and camera lines, the alleged perpetrators — Glenwood Springs' Arturo Nuno-Cervantes, 20, and Erick Colon, 25, plus Silt's Bryan Flores-Calix,nineteen, and an unnamed seventeen-year-old — were busted shortly thereafter.

Their haul: approximately $3,500 in marijuana and related products, plus $1,000 in cash.

We don't yet know the suspected roles played by Colon, seen in this Facebook photo....

...or Flores-Calix, pictured in this Facebook shot....

...due to the robbers' use of what CBS4 describes as hunting camouflage masks.

But police say two men entered the shop at approximately 10 a.m. on Monday, December 7, and aimed laser-sighted weapons at the clerk on duty.

The staffer was then handcuffed and led to a safe, which he was forced to open at gunpoint.

At that point, the men fled in what the station describes as a stolen Mustang, although a Carbondale police representative declined to confirm its status in an interview with the Glenwood Springs Post Independent, because of the ongoing investigation. But the clerk got a good look at the ride after he broke out a back window of the shop and called for help.

Eyewitness reports involving the Mustang started coming in shortly thereafter — but by the time authorities found it abandoned west of Carbondale, the occupants were long gone.

Later in the day, however, cops stopped a green Honda with four people inside, two of whom are said to have matched the description of the robbers — and in the end, all four were busted on suspicion of aggravated robbery of a controlled substance, false imprisonment and more.

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The seventeen-year-old allegedly involved in the robbery was released to his parents. However, the other three were taken to Garfield County Jail.

In the meantime, Sweet Leaf posted the following message on its Facebook page:

We would like to thank our employee for being so brave. We want to thank local citizens that help and to our local police force. Everyone had a quick response and without everyone's involvement these four bad people would of not been caught so quickly. We our very fortunate no one was hurt and truly thank everyone who helped!

Look below to see booking photos for Nuno-Cervantes, Colon and Flores-Calix, followed by the CBS4 report.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.