Ethan Courrau, bipolar boyfriend, reportedly stabs and kills two kids, then himself

A week after Globeville's Mayra Nunez shot her three kids, killing two and severely injuring the third, before committing suicide, a horrifically similar crime has taken place near Colorado Springs. This time, however, the two children who died (ages one and three) were stabbed to death, and the person who appears to have slain them, and then himself, was the troubled boyfriend of their mom.

The person believed to have been behind this awful act is Ethan Courrau, 22. His mom provided a statement to the Colorado Springs Gazette, for which she previously worked as an applications support manager.

The statement reads in part:

"It is impossible to wrap our minds around this. There are so many unanswered questions of which we may never know the answers. We loved our son deeply. Ethan struggled with being bipolar I, and as his parents we actively helped him seek medical treatment. We had an open dialogue and regularly discussed the challenges of the disease and the importance of treatment. The details of what transpired...remain unclear and we cannot comment further until the investigation is complete."

The incident took place on the grounds of Remington Ranch Equestrian Stables, at 9550 East Woodmen Road. The business is run by Candi Kane, and it's located on a bucolic setting. Its Facebook page is down at this writing, but here's an image from the surrounding area grabbed by Google Images: Also living on the grounds, in a mobile home, was Candi's daughter Katie Kane and her two children: Ryan Willhite, just shy of four years old, and Scarlett Gallagher, nineteen months.

Also living on the property was Courrau, subsequently identified as Katie's boyfriend.

On Wednesday evening, according to the Gazette, Katie and Candi headed to the store, leaving the kids in Courrau's care. Katie is said to have spoken to him on the phone during their absence, and nothing seemed amiss.

But upon their return, approximately an hour later, the mobile home had been transformed into a crime scene: Both children had been stabbed, and Courrau had what's been described as a self-inflicted wound to his neck.

By the time El Paso County Sheriff's deputies arrived at the property, a bit after 11 p.m. Scarlett was already dead, while Ryan and Courrau were alive. However, both of them died at the hospital.

Now, the exterior of the ranch has been turned into an impromptu shrine, with members of the community struggling to comprehend the violence that erupted there -- an act disturbingly similar to a horror show in Globeville that took place just last week.

Look below to see a 9News report about this tragedy.

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