Facebook's "Other" tab: What weird messages have collected on your page?

Some among us spend so many waking hours on Facebook that they know every feature of their page as well as the alphabet. Others (like yours truly) understand the basic functions but not the idiosyncrasies.

This post is for the latter.

Do you regularly check the "Other" tab? If not, you may discover what I did this morning -- that I have unseen messages there dating back three years.

I was spurred to investigate the land of Other by a 7News spin-off on an ABC News piece. According to both, the "Other" tab, accessible (but easy not to notice) when you click the "Messages" button, collects notes sent to users by people not designated as friends -- and because the function has been in place for three years, items that old can be found lingering in this cyber-repository.

That certainly was true in my case. Two copies of a proposed update to Facebook's privacy policy have been waiting since March 25, 2010 for me to lay eyeballs on them. In addition, I had a slew of other 2010 entries (about a concert, a book event, a record-company promotion and three reminders about that year's Larimer Sidewalk Arts festival), a trio of posts about a 2011 charity Texas Hold 'Em tournament, an invitation from someone I don't know to help her celebrate turning "dirty thirty," and two 2012 story tips -- one legitimate, the other insane -- that received no follow-up from yours truly because I had no idea they existed.

Wasting time on Facebook this morning? Check to see if you, too, have any tardy "Other" messages. You may be surprised what you find. I know I was.

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