Bet you can't guess the Colorado celebrity behind one of these Halloween costumes.
Bet you can't guess the Colorado celebrity behind one of these Halloween costumes.

Top Ten Colorado Celebrity Tweets of 2017

We recently shared the most-asked Google search questions about not just ten, but twenty of Colorado's biggest celebrities.

But plenty of stars from our fair state share information about themselves without being asked, by way of their Twitter accounts, including Von Miller, Ryan Tedder, Lindsey Vonn, the Lumineers and more.

With 2017 winding down, we dug into their pages to find their most memorable tweets from the past twelve months.

Here are our top ten picks. Count them down below.

Von Miller
Denver Broncos linebacker, former Super Bowl MVP and hilarious Old Spice pitchman

Ryan Tedder
OneRepublic frontman, songwriter for the stars, Christmas-ready fashion plate

The Lumineers
A band that's keeping hope alive

Jared Polis
U.S. Congressman, gubernatorial candidate, our 2017 Best of Denver pick for best politician to follow on Twitter

Nolan Arenado
One of the main reasons many fans are optimistic about the future of the Colorado Rockies

Kathy Sabine
9News weather predictor and someone who doesn't want to be either boring or super-lame

Pam Grier
Star of '70s action classics such as Foxy Brown and plenty of more recent flicks, too

John Hickenlooper
 Governor of Colorado, who didn't freak out when gazillionaire Warren Buffett whispered sweet somethings into the ear of his significant other

John Elway
Broncos legend and executive — and given how the team did this year, we wish the news he tweeted out below had been real

Lindsey Vonn
Skier extraordinaire, not exactly a Donald Trump fan — and someone whose Halloween costume definitely inspired a "WTF?"

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